We've learned a lot about language education, from dual immersion programs in NYC and trilingual tracks in Southern California to school transformations in the city and the requirements of the San Francisco Unified School District Multilingual Pathways Department.

Every day we provide each and every student the quality instruction and equitable support required to thrive in the 21st century.
— Mission Statement of the San Francisco Unified School District

Lafayette Elementary - San Francisco Unifed School district

For this class, this lesson, I grouped my ELLs [English Language Learners] with my English speakers so that when they do work together, they can help each other out. It’s really building that collaborative model.
— Elizabeth Iwaszewicz, Kindergarten Teacher, Lafayette Elementary School, SFUSD

Riverview elementary - a trilingual public school

Tri-lingual public school language program located in Lakeside, CA. The program was designed for children of families who do not speak the target language (Spanish), and also for families whose native language is not English. 

I truly believe the three languages does something to the children’s brains . . . It engages and creates new pathways.
— Olympia Kyriakidis, San Diego County Office of Education


NYC Offers dual-Language instruction

The jobs of the future require that our students know more than one language. . .This will open doors for them.
— Milady Baez, Deputy Chancellor NYC Department of Education

bilingualism and language development

In this blogpost, bilingual speech-language pathologist, Alina Solomon, "defines bilingualism, discusses the different types of bilingualism, and talks about the advantages of learning two languages (or more!)."



"People see the benefits of bilingualism for both students who come to school speaking only English, as well as students who speak a home language and are learning English . . . cognitive flexibility, first language knowledge and skills . . . actually enhanced second language learning . . . and just generally more able to communicate on a global level."

We have a team that believes in the promise of educational excellence.
— Fernando Nuñez, Director, Multilingual Pathways Department, San Francisco Unified School District